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When the Penguin 4.0 is rolling?

When the Penguin 4.0 is rolling?
When the Penguin 4.0 is rolling?

When the Penguin 4.0 is rolling?

Google is working on to roll out Penguin again and this time, it will be the fourth installment of the algorithm update. But date and time of the update aren’t made public. It is kept a secret as Google wants to catch websites by surprise.

You will wake up to see your website crashed on search engine result pages and then work hurriedly to find reasons for this crash. By the time you find that it is another update by Google, the site will come crashing down to bottom. What if you could know in advance that Google is launching another algorithm update to punish the sites that violate its guidelines for webmasters?

The buzz on Google Hangout is when will the Penguin 4.0 hit the web and how is it going to affect search engine rankings of the sites. But more than the functionality of the update, webmasters are interested in knowing which sites will be affected by the update. Some sites have still not come out of the third installment of the update and now the fourth installment is ready to be rolled out and according to rumors, it could be launched anytime.

Google experts are giving affirmative answers about rolling of the update but they are tight lipped on date and time of the update. No one is speaking clearly when will Google launch an attack on sites but it is clear that Google is working fast in this direction and the news of the launch of the update could come out anytime. Only thing webmasters can expect is that this time, it will more rigorous than before.

What Penguin 4.0 has in store for sites will be visible with the launch of the update. But the webmasters are worried about their rankings and for this reason, they want to get as much information on the new update as possible. They are discussing the new update on forums and also they are raising questions to the Google professionals. Who has the right answer to the question regarding date and time of the update?

Sometime back, Google professional weren’t ready to give a clear answer to the question of the new update but now they are clearly saying that Penguin 4.0 will be out within a short time. It shows that Google is very close to launching the new update and it is only waiting for a suitable time to announce the update.

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