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Facebook Page Design

Facebook Page Design

Facebook Page Design

Facebook is a social networking website where people interact to socialize, make friends, exchange views and share experiences. But Facebook has a commercial angle as well.

Technologus can make a Facebook page to interact with customers, where you can showcase your product and that you can use to further your business interest. Use the page for business communication with your business associates, partners and customers. Also use the page for marketing, promotion and branding.

With more than 1 billion users and more than 50% users logging their FB accounts every day, Facebook becomes the biggest business platform for marketing and promotion. Traffic from FB is free as you won’t pay for your FB views, likes and posts. Technologus will design the best page for your business. The page will not only get hits but it will also become a source of traffic to your website.

Facebook has apps and add-ons that can be used to optimize business pages. Our team can pull use interactive widgets like photo galleries, embedded videos and audio greetings to make your FB page more interesting and welcoming. At Technologus, we are making FB pages for businesses since inception of Facebook. Our team spent time in researching new ways of optimizing FB pages.

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  • Cost Effective Services
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  • Our Flexibility
  • Quality-Driven Process
  • Responsive Design

    Our Services

    UI Design
    A user interface design makes users’ interaction with the design as simple and responsive as possible.
    Web Development
    Customized development services for web based businesses. Websites optimized for greater visibility and functionality for Internet market.
    Mobile Application
    Mobile apps are simply business apps used for specific purposes like business process, customer relations, communication, marketing and sales.
    Brand Reputation Management
    Greater brand awareness is a business strategy to further business interest and check the claims and counterclaims made by competitors.

    Our Skills

    Javascript 80%
    Photoshop 90%
    PHP 90%
    Digital Marketing 90%
    HTML 90%

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