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Logo Designing & Branding

Logo Designing & Branding

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A logo is the identity of a company and if the company has a good logo design, it can be a very effective marketing tool in itself. A good logo will make your brand stand out from the crowd and will help in creating a positive, powerful, and lasting first impression. Here are a few features of a good custom logo design.

Since the logo represents a distinct identity, it must have the essential elements of: simplicity, proportionality, flexible color palette, easily legible fonts, and uniqueness. A logo must be designed so that it not just represents the company, but sets it apart. Originality and distinctiveness are the keys to a successful logo. The design elements such as font and color should lend themselves to redesigning as well as to representation in single or multiple colors.

Even before selecting a designer for the logo you need to clarify certain basic thoughts. What should the logo convey? What is the basic identity of my company today and what are the expansion plans? What are my objectives and strategy? Remember, the logo is essentially a business tool so it must reflect professionalism, competency, and commitment. The logo must survive time and be valid even centuries later.

In logo design, it would be prudent to use vector graphics, as they allow resizing and retain design integrity. Keep away from complicated and intricate logo designs. Limit colors to two or three, this is not just economical but practical. Also chose colors that are in keeping with your industry. Choose a font that is universal and uncluttered.

Here are some common associations: blue represents trust, loyalty, and power; yellow energy, joy, and hope; while green represents growth, sustenance, and regeneration. Among shapes, a circle is associated with connection, community, trust, and safety; a rectangle represents strength; and a triangle power and aggression. Keep such aspects in mind while discussing possible design elements.

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    UI Design
    A user interface design makes users’ interaction with the design as simple and responsive as possible.
    Web Development
    Customized development services for web based businesses. Websites optimized for greater visibility and functionality for Internet market.
    Mobile Application
    Mobile apps are simply business apps used for specific purposes like business process, customer relations, communication, marketing and sales.
    Brand Reputation Management
    Greater brand awareness is a business strategy to further business interest and check the claims and counterclaims made by competitors.

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