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Mobile Applications

Get premier mobile apps development service that is aimed at
bringing businesses closer to their targeted customers.

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Website Development

Execute Ideas with the help of technology used for making mobile friendly,
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Who We Are

About Us

Our Vision

Technology has always come to the rescue whenever businesses need solutions.Our vision is to make technology more user-friendly for all businesses irrespective of their size and process.

Our Philosophy

A technology company should work for technological empowerment of its clients and always try providing customized solution for business processes, development, expansion and planning.

Our Services

Technologus is one of the premier IT services Companies that offer a wide array of Web Development, Application Development, Mobile Application, Digital Marketing services to help flourish web businesses.

UI Design

A user interface design makes users’ interaction with the design as simple and responsive as possible.

Mobile Application

Mobile apps are simply business apps used for specific purposes like business process, customer relations, communication, marketing and sales.

Brand Reputation Management

Greater brand awareness is a business strategy to further business interest and check the claims and counterclaims made by competitors.

Web Development

Customized development services for web based businesses. Websites optimized for greater visibility and functionality for Internet market.

E-Commerce Solution

CMS based affordable solutions for e-commerce websites. Best design and improved functionality for better results in Internet marketing.

Content Management Solution

CMS is mostly used for blogs and other sites that have a load of content. Advantage of CMS is it allows uploading, editing and deleting content on the site in a hassle free manner.

Why Choose Us

Our Experience

Starting from creating simple web pages to developing complex ecommerce websites, we are seasoned in every job related to websites, web development and web businesses. Our vast experience in IT service sector makes us suitable for web design, development mobile app development and digital marketing services.

10+ Years in Business

Today we provide more than simple web design and development services. We are able to take care of any project and any business. We have mastery over creating unique designs, thinking out of the box web development solutions, making corporate websites and suggesting logos.

Our Extensive Portfolio

Clients rely on our web design and development capabilities and this is reflected in our work portfolio that is both comprehensive and extensive. No idea is copied or bought as we believe in uniqueness. Our efforts are to provide customized solutions to web business projects.

Our Client Testimonials

Good work is reflected in client testimonials and here we have an edge over others as we have good relations with every client. They give us testimonials that boost our confidence and increase our reliability.

Our Solutions

For us, every need is different and for this reason we don’t believe in one fit for all kind of solution for websites, web development and web business problems. Websites have their targeted audiences and every website works differently. Our job is to make every website function at its optimum level so that the clients get expected results from their sites. We take care of design, development, mobile app development SEO, SMO, video marketing and web content and other methods applied to achieve success in web business. We provide custom fit solutions for individual needs and we address every need irrespective of the challenge involved.

We’re Affordable

Solutions provided are comprehensive and also they are inclusive of all the charges. We follow a strict pricing policy that deters us from breaking the price. We charge one fee for one solution hence we can say that we have no hidden fees to add to the final bill. Price quoted for a solution is the price charged for the solution.

Detailed calculations are made to work-out the best price for our services. Everything that can affect pricing is included so the clients get complete price for the services. Price is calculated on factors like time consumed in completing a job and talent used for the job. We have the time, technology, knowledge and talent needed to provide comprehensive service at affordable price.


Our service starts after delivering the projects. We remain online for post delivery support and services. Once a website is live, it has to be monitored for functionality. There might be issues with design and development or the website might need more content. We understand needs of web businesses and for this reason we are always available to provide technical and non-technical support. Our support is part of our customer relation management as satisfactory support is necessary for good relations with clients. For support, clients can call our service team or write to us. We have minimum response time to provide support.

Our Skills

We are good at PHP development, Photoshop designing, mobile app development and digital marketing. Our experience includes designing CMS sites, fully functional ecommerce websites on open source platforms and also we can promote website businesses on search engine and social media.




Digital Marketing


We create custom design websites with the help of a series of mock-up designs that are developed on feedback from clients. Our rich experience in fine arts and graphics and love for bringing creative ideas helps us in our endeavor. For us, every business is a unique entity with a brand and principals.

What People Say

While we are certain that our work can speak for itself, it’s good to hear about our services from the businesses that use and that rely on our solutions for their day-to-day problems. Know what our clients have to say about us and our service.

This is to confirm that Technologus Consultancy Private Limited have been very helpful creating Ram Krishna Temple, Website.

I will recommend to any one form their services and their honesty and integrity will take them long way.

Abhi- Australia

The guys at Technologus were a pleasure to work with and fully understood out website requirements, when we had trouble working out how to operate the changes they didn’t hesitate to get in contact and show us around what they had implemented for us. Would use Technologus again in the future.
Thank you

Gavin – Australia

You guys did a great job on my new web site much appreciated

Anthony Ronalds

The work done by Technologus was excellent. They were easy to deal with and came highly recommended to us. The professional approach and experienced staff meant we achieved the website we needed with the minimum of fuss and very reasonable outlay. Well done!

Stephen Harris. Quesst.
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